'Latha Math' by Mànran

These lads are taking the Gaelic-speaking world by storm, in Scotland and across the water here in Ireland, and no doubt in Nova Scotia and further afield. The name Mànran is pretty apt for the band, meaning ‘melody’ in Gàidhlig, and also has the connotations of ‘feasting and entertainment’.

Mànran have furthered the point that I made in my previous post about how I think the Scots have really succeeded in bringing the Gaelic song tradition into the 21st century. To have already entered the Top 40 charts with 'Latha Math' is a mean feat, and here’s wishing them the best of luck with climbing the charts to the tippy-tippy-top!!

Take a look at their website to acquaint yourself with the lads!

'Latha Math' can be bought on iTunes.

Here are the lyrics, and my own translation:

Latha Math air an Eilean


Latha math air an Eilean

Eilean Leòdhais mo Ghràidh

Latha math air an Eilean

Dachaigh mo smuaintean gu bràth

Verse 1

Ag èirigh tràth anns a’ mhadainn

A’ ghrian a’ deàrrsadh sìos

Tha àile na mara a’ tighinn tron uinneig

Tha h-uile duin’ an àirde

Verse 2

Tha an abhainn làn le pailteas uisge

Tha am bradan a’ tighinn a-rithist

Tha na balaich bheaga shios air an drochaid

Feuch an glac iad aon no dhà

Verse 3

Tha an t-Earrach ann ’s na làithean fada

Tha na h-uain a’ ruith mun cuairt

Tha na bodaich a-muigh a’ buain na mònach

Tha an t-àm sin air tighinn a-rithist

Verse 4

Tha a’ ghealach shuas ’s a’ ghrian na cadal

Tha an oidhche nis air tighinn

Tha e sàmhach is ciùin tron an Eilean

Tha e math a bhith beò

Tha e math a bhith beò

© Mànran, 2011

Good Day on The Island


A good day on the Island

Island of Lewis, my love

A good day on the island

Home of my thoughts forever

Verse 1

Getting up early in the morning

The sun beaming down

The beauty of the sea coming through the window

Everone’s elated

Verse 2

The river’s full with an abundance of water

The salmon’s returning again

The wee lads are down on the bridge

See if they catch one or two

Verse 3

It’s spring and the days are long

The lambs are jumping around

The old lads are out cutting the turf

The time’s come again

Verse 4

The moon’s up and the sun’s asleep

The night’s after coming

It’s peaceful and quiet throughout the island

It’s good to be alive

It’s good to be alive

Translation © Alison Ní Dhorchaidhe, 2011

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